MBBS In China

Rise Education China China has been a centre for attracting foreign students for MBBS. China due to its increasing research and academic has well-equipped colleges and universities. During the last few years, China has continued growing and developing. China is rich in its culture and infrastructure facilities. China has 20 medical colleges ranked among top 1,000 universities to offer medical courses. Medical course from China is treated with the utmost priority. China is the ranked 2nd largest country for student’s resident. China is ranked 1st for the largest professional teachers and marked as a land of brilliant teachers. Medical course from China is very popular and cost-effective. It gives students a large number of opportunities for medical practices. Why MBBS from China? There are a handful of reasons to pursue a medical course from China. About 48 universities in China are approved by MCI. So there is an ocean full of opportunity to go for a medical course.
  1. High-quality education
  2. Enriched with latest technologies
  3. More opportunity for research related work
  4. Degree offered is accepted globally
  5. Degree offered is approved by MCI and WHO for Indian students
  6. Well equipped hospital with lots of opportunities to practice
  7. Secure environment and good hostel facilities for students
  8. Low cost
  9. Travel time is approx. 5 hrs and 55mins.
  Top 10 Universities to Study MBBS in China
  1. Dalian Medical University
  2. China Medical University
  3. Fudan University
  4. Capital Medical University
  5. Jiangsu University
  6. Jilin University
  7. Jinan University
  8. Wuhan University
  9. Fujian Medical University
  10. Sichuan university
  Fee Structure for MBBS in China
S.No.Name of the UniversityCourse fee(RMB)
1.Dalian Medical University2,70,000
2.China Medical University2,00,000
3.Fudan University4,50,000
4.Capital Medical University3,00,000
5.Jiangsu University2,04,000
6.Jilin University1,74,000
7.Jinan University2,04,000
8.Wuhan University2,40,000
9.Fujian Medical University1,80,000
10.Sichuan university2,70,000
  Eligibility Category for MBBS in China
  1. Minimum of 60% in PCB in 12th or equivalent
  2. Minimum age limit is 17 years on 31 December 2018
  3. Basic knowledge of English
  4. Have to appear in the competitive entrance exam
  5. Valid NEET scorecard
Documents Required
  1. 10th certificate + mark sheet
  2. 12th certificate + mark sheet
  3. Official invitation letter from medical university
  4. Passport with 18 months validity
  5. Birth Certificate in English
  6. Minimum 10 photos
  7. Bank slip of university 1st-year fee slip
  8. HIV test report
  9. Visa fees
Q1. What is the course duration of MBBS in China?
Ans: The course duration for MBBS is 5 year with 1 year for internship.
Q2. Which language is spoken in China?
Ans: Mandarin and English
Q3. What is the scope of MBBS from China for Indian Students?
Ans: The medical degree in recognized from MCI and accepted globally.
Q4. Do students are allowed to work during studies?
Ans: No students are not allowed as they have a student visa.
Q5. Is stipend provided during the internship?
Ans: Yes stipend is provided during the internship.

List of Colleges for Recruiting International Undergraduate Students with Clinical Medicine Major (in English Language) in the School Year 2019-2020

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