Electronics & Communication Engineering

Electronics & Communication Engineering

The good thing about Electronics and Communication Engineers is that students can opt for either Government jobs or Private sector. So a wide range of opportunities awaits us.

Let me throw some light on the best ones you can choose from:

  • Higher education- You can opt for further studies after completing your B.Tech. You are wide open to choose among M.Tech, MBA etc. In order to qualify for the same you need to crack GATE(For M.Tech) or CAT(For MBA), if you want to pursue these from the top institutes of our country like IITs and IIMs.
  • PSUs- By qualifying GATE you will be eligible for the job(s) at PSUs. However, you need to score pretty good in the qualifying exam. Competition is tough among CS/IT/EC streams but still Nothing is Impossible with sheer dedication and hard work.
  • Private Sector- As an EC engineer you can apply for the jobs in telecom companies as well as IT sector. However, you need to have the required skills to boost your selection. Certified training on technical languages like JAVA or C++ or Python along with projects to showcase your practical experience provides you with an extra edge over the others. With the current change in market if you have the skills of Data AnalyticsCloud computing, Mobile App Development you can grab best jobs for you.
  • UPSC- You can prepare for the UPSC exams if you wish to serve your nation. Many after completing B.Tech engage themselves in the preparation for the same.

So, it solely depends on you what you wish to choose. You need to identify your field of interest and then focus and channelize all your efforts in the right direction.

There lies plenty of opportunities, just find and grab the best one for you.

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