As 21st century based on agronomy -

There’s no denying that within the current era, agriculture subject is the foundation of our entire Indian economy. In 21stcentury the agricultural sector is increasing in terms of overall reach which is that the reason more people are increasingly becoming conscious of an equivalent. But, the most problem that’s faced by most of the people out there’s that they don’t know the sort of courses which will be pursued within the agricultural field. As of the present time and date, especially for B.Sc. Agriculture admission, several graduates also as post-graduate courses, are available for the agriculture sector in India.

The current apex body in India that’s controlling all kinds of education-related content to the agriculture industry is ICAR (The Indian Council of Agricultural Research) . It should even be known that the government Of India has also taken sufficient steps in creating awareness among the communities in rural areas when it involves skill and technology up-gradation.

BSC Agriculture Eligibility Criteria

In recent times, students can prefer to pursue both undergraduate and postgraduate courses for Agriculturestream. It should be known that albeit eligibility criteria are strict???

 It’s going to still vary depending upon the specialization and course chosen by the respective candidate. The following are the conditions for B.Sc. Agriculture eligibility,

 UG Level:-Candidates should be a minimum of 12th pass within the science stream and have a minimum of 45 -50 percent aggregate-level marks.

PG Level– Candidates should hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in any field and has an overall aggregate mark of 45 – 50 percent.

Agriculture Entrance Exams The following are a number of the doorway exams to urge into UG or PG-level:


  • BScin Forestry
  • BScin Agriculture
  • BScin Crop Physiology
  • BScin farming
  • BScin Soil & Water Management
  • BScin Genetics Plant Breeding
  • BScin Agriculture Economics and Farm Management
  • BScin Horticulture
  • BScin Agriculture & Food Business 
  • BScin Fisheries Courses

Details of Courses

  • BSc in Forestry

It should be noted that BSc in Forestry a full time four-year course which is thereby separated into eight semesters. during this course of BSc Agriculture admission, students are told about the Department of Forestry and also its professionals regarding what they are doing . The course involves studies in subjects like forest engineering, horticulture, forest economics, tree physiology, forest laws, forest policies, geology, forest mensuration and therefore the like. 

  • BSc in Agriculture

 BSc in Agriculture is a four-year course that’s provided by most Indian colleges. The scholar should be a minimum of 12th pass to require up the course. The course is currently considered knowledgeable degree by the govt Of India. It involves the utilization of recent techniques and equipment in agriculture. After completing the course, students can plow ahead with higher studies like MSc or obtain private or public organization BSc Agriculture jobs.

  • BSc in Crop Physiology

 BSc in Crop Physiology includes a three-year course offered by a mess of schools and universities in India. to admit  into this course for BSc Agriculture admission, students got to pass his or her 12th standards from a reputable institution or board of studies with minimum of 45% marks

  • BSc in farming (BSc. in Animal Husbandry)

BSc in farming is currently a four-year course and is one among the foremost popular courses within the farming or agricultural sector. The science of farming includes the feeding, nurturing and breeding of varied livestock like horses, sheep, pigs, cattle, horses then on. This course comes in BSc Agriculture admission includes sub-courses like genetics, animal physiology, animal nutrition, livestock production, animal breeding, livestock management and therefore the like.

  • BSc in Soil & Water Management

 BSc in Soil & Water Management is  a course that runs almost four years which gets segregated into eight semesters. During this course, students are taught about the techniques and ideas regarding agricultural research and study for the enhancement of water and soil management. Students who are getting to get BSc agriculture admission within the subject of soil & water management should make sure that they’ve passed their 12th standards from a reputable board or council. 

  • BSc in Genetics Plant Breeding 

BSc in Genetics Plant Breeding is a three-year course that teaches the scholar about plant breeding. Plant breeding involves the appliance of genetics alongside other related fields of science to reinforce the plant species that are being cultivated. Only students who have passed their 12th standards with subjects Biology, Physics and Chemistry should be eligible to require up the course for BSc Agriculture admission from any recognized institution. 

  • BSc in Agriculture Economics and Farm Management

This is a four-year course that focuses on economics for the agricultural sector. This includes both the micro also as macroeconomics. The mixture of both principles which are wont to solve numerous problems associated with agriculture. It should be known that the minimum eligibility is the scholar should be 12th standard pass to urge admitted into the BSc Agriculture colleges list

BSc in Horticulture 

BSc in Horticulture is a three-year course and involves an unprecedented program that deals with agricultural science involving the cultivation of vegetables, plants, flowers, and seeds. It also covers various other subjects like to plant growth, plant development, and plant diseases. Students pursuing this course for B.Sc. Agriculture admission are generally taught about the ways to enhance plant growth and thereby prevent an equivalent from getting damaged. 

B.Sc. in Agriculture & Food Business 

BSc in Agriculture & Food Business involves a four-year course where the students can get enrolled in any top colleges located in India. Students got to pass their 12th standard examinations to get admission into this course. Both private, also as government-run B.Sc. Agriculture colleges, are there for college aspirant to get enrolled and over time the course is getting more popular too.

 B.Sc. in Fisheries

This is a four-year course that has been segregated into eight semesters and mainly focuses on the sector of fishing. The course involves the study of fishes alongside their food habits, ecology, diseases, and breeding practices then on. The admission depends on the student’s marks obtained within the 12th standard alongside entrance exam marks also. Numerous institutions and colleges are involved in providing this course to the scholars.

चन्द्रशेखरआजाद कृषिएवंप्रौद्योगिकविश्वविद्यालय, कानपुरद्वाराआयोजितउत्तरप्रदेशसंयुक्तकृषिएवंप्रौद्योगिकीप्रवेशपरीक्षा-2020 हेतुआनलाइनआवेदनकीअन्तिमतिथि 23 अप्रैल, 2020 से बढाकर 15 मई, 2020 तककरदीगयीहै।तदानुसारआवेदनशुल्कदिनांक 16 मई, 2020 (सायं 3 बजे) तकस्वीकारकियाजायेगा।साथहीप्रवेशपरीक्षाहेतुपूर्वनिर्घारिततिथियाॅ 14,15, एवं 16 मई 2020 कोनिरस्तकियाजाताहै।उक्तपरीक्षाकीतिथियाॅबादमेंघोषितकीजायेगाी।

Fees structure:-

2Amity  UniversityNoida80,000 
4sharda universityNoida110,000 
5shobhit universityMERRUTH65,000 
6TMU moradabadmoeradabad69,200 
7Smru lucknow65,000 
8Galgotias (gu)Noida60,000 
9Vgi Noida61,200 
10intigral universitylucknow40,000 
11Rama univ kanpur55,000 
12Sanskriti universitymathura67,000 
13Glocal Universitysaharanpur86,500 
14GB Pantuttrakhand40,000 
15Dolphoin inst of biomedical sc dehradun87,500 
16quantam roorkee72,000 
17Dev bhoomidehradun79,700 
18himalyan dehradun74,000 
19REC rorkee65,000 
22Graphic era hill universitybhimtal105,200 
23handigarh group of collgege mohali 70,000 
24Rayat bhara mohali 50,000 
25MMU ambala70,500 
26Rkdf bhopal71,000 
27oriantal group of institutionindore 50,000 
28srk universitybhopal63,000 
29Lnctu bhopal55,000 
30siksha o anunsandhanbhubneshwar149,000 
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